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Mujo by Elizabeth Leslie

Small Coasters - Indigo (Set of 2)

Small Coasters - Indigo (Set of 2)

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Product Description

These petite coasters are the perfect size to be used as a base for your special objects, vases, candles, etc. We recommend pairing them with the small vases and the Tohaku Candle Gift Sets(sold separately).

The fabric colour is achieved by the yarns being naturally dyed with Japanese persimmon (kakishibu-zome) and Japanese indigo (aizome). Both of these dye processes are traditional Japanese dyeing techniques. The result is a beautiful and sophisticated hue.

A naturally occurring crinkle is present within these coasters due to high twist yarns. No ironing needed.

Care instructions: a separate cool hand wash.

Measures approximately 7 cm x 7 cm.



Set of 2 coasters.

Raw frayed edges.

100% naturally dyed cotton from Japan.

Stitched and finished in Australia.

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