Mujo. by Elizabeth Leslie is a womenswear label, with a focus on hand-woven and sustainably crafted garments, accessories and home-wares.

My hands are my tools; I use them to weave my textiles thread by thread. Each piece takes between many hours and days to complete. These pieces are hand woven panel by panel, to ensure minimal wastage and visible selvedge edges.
Once woven, each piece of cloth has its own qualities and characteristics, I find in order to make a genuine garments I must take these qualities and characteristics into consideration. In a way, I watch the yarns closely for the directions they give me. I hold no expectations of them when I work.
This commitment to painstakingly creating garments and accessories is a powerful manifesto with which I take a strong stance against the insane pace and agenda of the capitalist system, the both of which are visible within the fashion industry by political extension. All threads are individually warped onto the loom, thread by thread, they show evidence of the human hand. By the end of the finished piece they beauty of well-made human objects is made manifest in the work.
As a result of the hand-crafted processes, slight irregularities remain visible within the pieces. This is celebrated rather than eliminated by a machine. By these human discrepancies each piece becomes singular  no two are identical in existence.