Mujō 無常 [Japanese] Impermanence / All is transient, nothing is fixed.
Mujo Store is based in Perth, Australia, and centred around efforts to reconnect with the everyday, the functional, the beautiful, the ritual, as well as the makers and their stories. We aspire to a slower more mindful way of life, and focus on creating handwoven textiles and hand-built ceramics; as well as sourcing honest objects for the home and body from Japan and further afield.
Inspired by Japanese aesthetics, simplicity, and the natural world, I create hand-woven textiles and hand-built ceramics. With a holistic approach to design and creating, I focus on natural and sustainable materials, traditional skills and small-scale production. Mujo brings to life valuable stories, and the central significance of the human hand and human being behind a work.


Since the beginning of Mujo's launch the range has expanded to include a curated selection of honest handcrafted and slow-made homewares. Our ethos is based on sustainable materials, traditional skills, minimalism, functionality, and small-scale production. I have carefully hand-picked a small range of makers which uphold our vision and values of keeping traditional skills alive, and using natural materials within slow meditative processes.


My guiding values and principles influence the pieces I create and curate. These include:
1. Create objects which embody beauty, simplicity and functionality.
2. Support artisans to continue keeping alive (through their practice) traditional arts and crafts skills and knowledge.
3. Offer the possibility for reconnection, ritual, and beauty to enter the lives of others.