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Iono Traditional Japanese Hemp AsaIono has been manufacturing textiles in the land of Ojiya, Niigata Prefecture, Japan since 1977. These pieces are handmade by Japanese artisans, who shift the ramie through various traditional hand dyeing, steaming, and finishing processes – following skills that have been handed down over more than 1200 years. Iono is consistently committed to supporting the continuation of craftsmen's handwork and traditional textiles techniques. In the early days of the company, Iono created noren curtains, tapestries and floor cushions, and later expanded to include bedding textiles and various other items using Ojiya Chijimi fabric. 

Iono traditional japanese hemp asaOjiya chijimi textiles (called Ojiya chijimi in Japanese) is a handicraft handmade from ramie in the area around the city of Ojiya in Niigata prefecture. Ramie is a tall plant that's part of the nettle family. It has been used to produce textiles for centuries. A lengthy process is undertaken to ensure the quality and strength of the ramie fibre. When the air is dry ramie can weaken, so Ojiya is in a perfect location with its level of humidity and surrounding snow fall. During the fabrics creation it is exposed to snow, which captures the bleaching effect from the ozone as the snow evaporates in the sun.

Iono artisan traditional japanese asa hemp textiles

Iono ramie hemp fabricJapan has beautiful and rich scenery throughout every season. Traditional crafts are regional treasures nurtured by the land, and they are not only things to be involved in, but also important assets shared by the region. Preserving tradition is important to Iono, who sincerely believes culture must be respected. In the every growing world Iono holds a dream of continuing the work of creating these traditional Chijimi rami textiles in Ojiya.

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