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Kousaido Japanese Incense

Kousaido is a Japanese Incense maker based in Kyoto, Japan. Since their establishment in 1994 they have created a range of incense blends from more traditional scents to modern twists. Kousaido hopes to create fragrances that capture the essence of Kyoto, transporting us through ancient and modern Japan.


Kousaido magnolia incense sticks

Kousaido's ethos is centred around colouring our life with incense. Traditional sandalwood is a common base note used within Kousaido's Japanese incense, and is blended with a variety of other woods, herbs, flowers to create balanced olfactory experiences. Incense has the ability to shift the mood of spaces around the home, as well as the internal spaces within us. Coming into the sensory world can allow us to show up in the day and meet it with presence.


Kousaido Japanese incense 

Kousaido Japanese incense

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