Meet the Maker: Daiyo Candles

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Daiyo was established in the Takashima county of Shiga Prefecture in 1914. The artisanship has been passed down across four generations, polished and refined as time passes. These Japanese candles are made from 100% natural plant wax. Daiyo's principles of making candles from the blessings of nature have remained unchanged since their establishment more than a century ago.


Natural plant waxes used by Daiyo range from sumac wax (haze) to rice bran wax. Each candle is individually and meticulously handcrafted with 100% natural wax by Japanese artisans. It's said that only 10 craftsman are left in the world that produce this traditional type of sumac wax candle. Each wick is hand rolled using washi paper, rush weeds and silk fibres. It begins with the washi paper being rolled and wrapped with rush weeds, silk fibres are then used to hold the rush in place. 


Producing candles using natural materials that are environmentally friendly is one of Daiyo's guiding principles. These candles are ideal for home-use, as they do not produce soot or smoke nor does the melted wax overflow from the candles. The candle has the ability to shift both the spaces and persons mood, sense of being, and emotional state. Daiyo's principle "from monologue to dialogue" draws on the candle providing possibility for deep human to human encounters. The tradition and connection between flame and human beings is passed down honourably by Daiyo.

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