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Marumitsu Poterie Japanese ceramics

Marumitsu Poterie was established in 1950, and is based in Seto, Aichi, Japan. Each collection is designed with a French flair to Japanese cookware and tableware. Functionality is always the heart of the design, how each piece is used and how food is plated is always considered when they are designed. Seto is home to kilns with the longest production history in Japan along with local potters that bring a high-quality artisanal touch to the collection. Their two brands Studio M' and Sobokai showcase both casual home dining and more sophisticated dinning. All of their pieces are created embracing both traditional and modern ceramic techniques, and a diverse range of natural materials.

Marumitsu Poteri Japanese Handcrafted CeramicsTheir collection of tableware is made from natural clay excavated from the Japanese mountains and shaped by human hands. The design process begins with handwritten sketches and drawings, in which prototypes are then made and glazed by the potters hands. Slight irregularities and imperfections are celebrated within each piece – showing evidence of the human craftsman behind the works. It is this warmth of the human hand, and connection to nature that is integral to Marumitsu Poterie’s philosophy. Marumitsu Poterie hopes a connection will be formed between the owner and the ceramic piece they pick up, adding joy to their surroundings. Also for their pieces to be embraced, treated with respect, and last for long periods of time.

Marumitsu Poteri Japanese Handcrafted Ceramics

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