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Handcrafted & Slow Made Japanese Homewares.

Mujo Store is centred around efforts to reconnect with the everyday, the functional, the beautiful, the ritual, as well as the makers and their stories. We aspire to a slower more mindful way of life, and focus on creating handwoven textiles and hand-built ceramics; as well as sourcing honest objects for the home and body from Japan and further afield.

Our ethos is based on sustainable materials, traditional skills, minimalism, functionality, and small-scale production. Support craftsmen and artisans to continue traditions that have been handed down over generations.

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Meet the Maker: be-oom

be-oom is a tea brand that offers naturally sourced tea from small farms in Korea. be-oom /bi:-u:m/ means ‘to empty’ in Korean – their objective is to help find a place within the mind to empty and fill, all while emptying a cup of tea.