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Hetkinen is a Finish company that creates small design items and skincare from native pine wood. Founded in 2018, Hetkinen derives inspiration from the Finnish forest and trees. The design approach is careful and minimal. Everything is made in harmony with nature. Hetkinen believes that living in harmony with nature holds upmost importance in our lives. Their deep love for the forest and its trees is the biggest inspiration for the development of their products. Their philosophy is to bring nature closer to people – in their day to day life.

The feeling of soft moss under your feet. The texture of prickly pine needles in the palm of your hand. The calm still forest at dusk, the vast skies at night. The scent of heartwood as it fills and opens your lungs. These are the special moments and visceral feelings that these beautiful products bring forth.

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Hetkinen only uses pure, minimal, vegan, and 100% plant based natural ingredients, bearing in mind the person using their products whilst also respecting the source of nature where these materials come from. Hetkinen respect's the wisdom of the Northern wilderness, and the health benefits it offers us. The knowledge of healing properties derived from different trees helps the company create balanced mixtures for natural skin care – which nourishes, refreshes, calms, and complements skin types of all ages.‍

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