Shibu Uchiwa Fan - Sensen
Kurikawa Shoten

Shibu Uchiwa Fan - Sensen

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Product Description

Shibu-uchiwa (branch fans) have been produced by artisans in Kumamoto prefecture, southern Japan for 400 years. They are carefully and respectively handmade from persimmon tannin (kakishibu) coated Japanese paper, attached to a bamboo handle. Naturally dyed persimmon tannin adds strength to the paper, while also deterring insects. The natural colour will shift and deepen as it ages.

Various uses include: keeping cool, cooling food during cooking, blowing out candles, and as wall decorations.



Measurements: approximately 36cm T x 24.5cm W

Material: Japanese paper, bamboo, persimmon tannin

Comes packaged in a Japan paper cover.

Made in Japan.