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Mujo by Elizabeth Leslie

Sakiori Pouch Bag - Moss

Sakiori Pouch Bag - Moss

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Product Description

A cute and versatile petite pouch bag which can be worn either on the shoulder, or sitting up high when worn across the body. A plaited tie detail sits in the centre of the bags body and can be knotted to secure the bag closed.

Each bag is individually hand-woven using leftover and recycled fabrics that have been shredded and turned into yarns. It is also hand loomed to pattern to ensure visible selvedge edges along the top opening, and a hem stitched finish along the inside sides of the bag.

A separate section for a strap has been warped onto the loom and handwoven separately, then attached and stitched to the body of the bag.



Warp: Linen/cotton

Weft: Linen

Measurements: Bag Body: 15cm x H23.5cm / Strap: 43cm tall from bag opening to top centre of strap

Colour: Moss green

Handwoven and stitched in Australia.

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