Lidded Salt Pot - White
Lidded Salt Pot - White
Lidded Salt Pot - White

Lidded Salt Pot - White

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Shigaraki is located in Koka City, Shiga Prefecture, and is recognised as playing a significant part in the long history of Japanese ceramics. It is included as one of Japan's six old kilns – being said to have a history of 1260 years. In 1976 Shigaraki-yaki (Shigaraki ware) was designated as a traditional craft in Japan.

Hechimon is a collection of Japanese ceramics by a third-generation Shigaraki-yaki maker, Marui Seito.

These handcrafted Japanese salt pots are the perfect size for your kitchen counter – for easy access to salt or sugar. As every lidded pot is handcrafted, each is unique and will differ slightly from piece to piece. 



Measurements: approximately 8cm x 8cm x 8cm

Holds approximately 190ml.

Colour: Matte white glaze.

Handcrafted ceramic. 

Made in Japan.