Kozo Paper Cards (Pack of 10) - Ecru
Kozo Paper Cards (Pack of 10) - Ecru
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Kozo Paper Cards (Pack of 10) - Ecru

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A pack of paper cards, each around the size of a business card, which have been handmade in Higashiyama-cho, Iwate Prefecture, Japan. Paper makers in this region have been making kozo paper for 800 years – handed down over time.

Kozo paper is made from mulberry bark fibres, which are very durable and have a long history of use within Japan (such as for scriptures, books and important official documents).

Pack of 10.

Measurements: approximately 6cm x 9cm

Material: Mulberry Paper (こうぞが)

Colour: Ecru (natural unprocessed mulberry paper).

Handmade in Higashiyama, Iwate Prefecture, Japan.