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Waboku Kusunoki Incense Sticks

Waboku Kusunoki Incense Sticks

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Kousaido IncenseThe Waboku ​​series includes a range of three traditional Japanese wood incense. This incense is the Kusunoki (Camphor Incense) scent. A powerful woody scent made from a combination of Camphor Wood and Sandalwood. 

This wood scent Japanese incense brings forth the calm and stillness of Japanese forests and transports you to the heart of ancient Japan.

We recommend pairing with the our Iwa Ceramic Incense Holder, Ceramic Ring Incense Holder, or Ceramic Ball Incense Holder (sold separately).



Made in Japan.

25 Kusunoki sticks.

Measurements:  Box: 16 x 1.3 x 1.3 cm / Incense: 13.5cm

Burn time: approximately 20-25 minutes per stick.

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