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Nuno Tawashi Wash Towel

Nuno Tawashi Wash Towel

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Kontex has been making towels using century old techniques since their founding in 1934. Their towels are crafted in the famous towel region of Imabari, Japan. Each towel is respectively woven on traditional low-speed looms using high quality threads, and washed with fresh spring water that Mt. Ishizuchi provides from melted snow. As a result their range of towels are incredibly absorbent, fast drying, durable, and environmentally friendly – an ideal addition to your bathroom or kitchen.

The Nuno Tawashi Body Wash Towel is woven in pile loops with a combination of natural fibres including cotton, linen, washi paper, and charcoal. A convenient strap can be used for hanging, or stretching the cloth between both straps to reach your back.



Wash Towel.

Sold individually.

Measurements: 17 x 63cm (not including straps)

Material: 50% cotton, 35% washi paper, 10% cotton, 5% Binchotan charcoal fiber kneaded into rayon

Colour: Grey

Made in Japan.

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