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Hira-Kyusu Teapot

Hira-Kyusu Teapot

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Product Description

Azmaya works in close collaboration with artisans, craftsman, and local small-scale manufacturers within Japan to produce high quality contemporary items that celebrate local materials, traditional Japanese handcrafts, and regional techniques.

This small teapot has been handmade with crow clay in Tokoname, Aichi Prefecture using traditional Japanese ceramic techniques. It is the perfect size for one large cup of brewed tea. An extra fine ceramic mesh filter is built into the interior of the pot, carefully filtering out small tea particles. A delicate spout ensures a stable pour – making tea preparation pleasurable.

The exterior and interior of the ceramic has a smooth tactile finish due to it being left unglazed – honouring the clays natural beauty.

These teapots are made to provide superb heat retention, keeping your tea warmer for longer.



Made in Japan.

Materials: Crow clay

Unglazed ceramic.

Holds 300ml.


Approximately L17.5 x W13.2 x H7.5cm


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