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Hinoki Wash Bowl

Hinoki Wash Bowl

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Product Description

A bathroom wash bowl handcrafted in Japan using Hinoki Cypress wood. Hinoki cypress is highly resistant to water and humidity, and has anti-bacterial quailities – making it ideal to use in moist environments and perfect for bathroom use. This type of wash bowl is traditionally used to wash oneself on a small stool before entering hot springs, onsens, and bathtubs. Simply fill the wash bowl with water and pour over yourself before entering the bathtub.

Hinoki cypress wood is native to Japan, and has been used throughout history in building traditional Japanese baths, as well as ancient and sacred shrines and temples. It is prized for its light tone, straight grain, and natural citrus scent.

It is natural for wood resin to appear on the surface of the Hinoki wood. This resin is what also imparts a fresh hinoki scent.  If you are concerned about the stickiness, it can be wiped off with rubbing alcohol.

Pair these washbowls with the Hinoki Japanese Bath Stool and handwoven Linen Wash Cloths for the ultimate bathroom experience (sold separately).



Sold individually.

Made in Japan.

Measurements - approximately 22 x H11.5cm

Care: Hand wash and use with water only. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight, or prolonged periods of immersion in water as it may cause cracks due to warping or shrinkage of the wood. Wipe dry with a cloth after each use and store in a dry and well-ventilated area. Hinoki wood can naturally expand and contract with use, if the copper rings come loose over time, place water inside the bowl and allow the wood to expand to set the rings back into place.


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