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Hinoki Oshizushi Sushi Mould

Hinoki Oshizushi Sushi Mould

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Product Description

This Oshizushi Rice Mould is your best friend when it comes to making sushi simple and delicious. A perfect kitchen tool for cooks of all skill sets, beginners or more advanced sushi makers.

Hinoki wood has natural anti-bacterial properties, making it a hygienic and safe option for food preparation. Additionally, the pleasant fragrance of Hinoki wood adds a subtle, refreshing aroma to the sushi, enhancing the overall dining experience. The compact and portable nature of this type of sushi makes it an ideal option for bento boxes and other portable meals.

Using an oshizush mould to create sushi is simple. Follow the below steps:

1. Prepare your ingredients: Choose your sushi rice and toppings according to your preference. Season rice with vinegar.

2. Wet the mold: Dip a cloth or paper towel in water and moisten the inside of the mold. This will prevent the rice from sticking to the sides and make it easier to remove the sushi.

3. Add the rice: Fill the mold with sushi rice, leaving a small gap at the top to add the toppings.

4. Add the toppings: Layer your chosen toppings on top of the rice, making sure they are evenly distributed. Common toppings include fish, vegetables, and pickles. 

5. Press down: Use the lid of the mold to press down firmly on the rice and toppings. This will compress the ingredients and give the sushi its distinctive rectangular shape.

6. Remove the sushi: Gently lift off the lid of the mould, and lift the main body mould, which will reveal the rectangle sushi sitting on the removable base of the mould.



Made in Japan.

Material: Hinoki cypress wood

Measurements: Outer - 18 x 10.5 x H7cm 

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