Copper Cloth
Copper Cloth

Copper Cloth

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Product Description

A knitted copper cloth made in Austria for scratch-free scrubbing in the kitchen, and household.

Different uses include cleaning pots, pans, ceramic hobs, glass panes, tiles, fine stone, etc. 

Conventional cleaning products such as sponges or cloths need sufficient chemicals for scrubbing. In contrast, scratch-free scrubbing with copper products works without any chemicals – providing an effective cleaning method whilst protecting the environment. 


One cloth.

Measurements: approximately 16cm x 14cm

Made in Austria.

Care instructions: copper products can be washed up to 60°c, but must always be placed in a laundry net. Always use the copper products without chemicals and with sufficient water. Test on an inconspicuous area before first use. Not suitable for teflon or teflon-like surfaces aor on surfaces that have been treated with a soft varnish.