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Chopsticks & Rest Gift Set

Chopsticks & Rest Gift Set

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Product Description

This gift set makes the perfect gift for your loved ones and friends who enjoy food, cooking, and home dining.

Each set includes:

-x4 pairs of Pentagon Chopsticks

-x4 Ceramic Chopsticks Rests - Kohiki

-x1 Handwoven Bamboo Lidded Basket - Long

A total value of $259, save $19.

Azmaya works in close collaboration with artisans, craftsman, and local small-scale manufacturers within Japan to produce high quality contemporary items that celebrate local materials, traditional Japanese handcrafts, and regional techniques. These simple chopsticks are shaped like pentagons and handcrafted from beautiful yoshino cedar by artisans in Nagano, Japan. Japanese cedar trees which are grown in the Yoshino region in Nara are one of the most praised woods in Japan.

These chopstick rests have been made in Japan from a dark bodied clay, and glazed in an off-white Kohiki glaze. As a result a subtle pattern of lines is visible underneath the glaze. The perfect resting place for chopsticks.

This long and light weight lidded basket is woven with thin strips of natural bamboo in a simple yet textural weave. Perfect for holding and storing chopsticks and cutlery.




Materials: Yoshino Cedar

Measurements: ø0.8 × 23 cm

Made in Nagano, Japan.


Ceramic Chopstick Rest:

Materials: Glazed ceramic (Kohiki)

Measurements: approximately 5.2 x 1.8 x H1.1cm

Made in Japan.


Bamboo Lidded Basket - Long:

Materials: Bamboo

Measurements: approximately 7cm W x 27cm L x 4cm H

Made in Laos.

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