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Japanese Artisan Handcrafts

Japanese Artisan Handcrafts

Sansho Pestle

Sansho Pestle

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Product Description

This wooden pestle is to be paired with a mortar. It is often regarded as an essential to any Japanese kitchen. The Japanese mortar and pestle allows for a greater degree of control when bruising, crushing, grinding or pounding ingredients.

Handcrafted in Kagoshima, Japan from sansho (Japanese prickly ash) found in the foothills of Kirishima. This is the wood traditionally used to make Japanese pestles, adding a slight flavour to food. The prickly ash is harvested each fall, the branches are made into pestles, with some of the bark left in place. 

Available in sizes small and medium.



Each piece is unique, and will differ in shape and colour.


Small: approximately 17cm
Medium: approximately 23.5cm

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