Morning Star Incense - Pine
Morning Star Incense - Pine
Morning Star Incense - Pine
Nippon Kodo

Morning Star Incense - Pine

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Product Description

A refreshing scent of pine wood.

The morning star incense was created in the 1960s in Japan, and is Nippon Kodo's best selling incense for daily use. This range has been loved for more than 50 years. The powerful fragrances in this collection, mixed with high quality ingredients such as pure floral essences and aromatic woods, have made this incense a loved and trusted  brand world wide. Morning star is perfect for creating a relaxing atmosphere for meditation, prayer, yoga, and mindful daily moments.

As these incense have no bamboo core, they will burn with a clean pure scent, and little smoke. Each pack comes with a ceramic tile holder for the incense sticks.

Nippon Kodo's devotion to making fine incense follows a long and honoured tradition that started more then 400 years ago and can be traced back to Jyuemon Takai, better known as Koju, a skilled artisan in the art and the principal provider of precious rare and exquisite aromas to the Emperor of Japan and his court.

Many of those pleasing and enduring high-quality incense fragrances, which the company continues to produce to this day, as based on the original formulas created by Koju and later by Yujiro Kito, who was hailed as the genius of fragrance during the Meiji restoration period in the 19th century – around the time that Japan opened its doors and began to modernise itself.



Made in Japan.

50 sticks.

Ceramic incense holder included.

Measurements: 2.3 x 13.1 x 2.3cm.

Burn time: approximately 25 minutes per stick.