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Linen and Indigo Stripe Tote Bag


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Warp: linen

Weft: linen and silk

Product Description

Handwoven Linen and Indigo Stripe Tote Bag 

Hand loomed to pattern to ensure selvedge edges along the sides of the bag.

Features a hand coiled strap and hand plaited tie for closure.

Hem stitched finishing to secure strap threads into place.

Slow fashion - Individually hand woven and hand crafted. Yarns are respectively and carefully warped onto the loom. The cloth is woven thread by thread. Each bag takes 1-2 full days to weave, not including the time spent on designing, sampling, stitching and packaging.

Sustainable fashion - Mujo uses a sustainably conscious method of sourcing yarns and choosing only to handcraft limited pieces. Linen yarns have been used in the hand weaving process. The making of the linen yarns is a process that requires no chemicals for growth or for transformation. Silk yarns have also been used in the hand weaving process. The making of the silk yarns is a low waste process. Traditional textiles techniques such as weaving are also used to sustain traditions and the culture of craftsmanship.

Ethical fashion - All of Mujo's clothing and accessories are hand woven, hand crafted and stitched locally. We support artisans worldwide through ongoing collaborations. Through these collaborations we aim to empower the craftsman, and encourage the revival of ancient techniques and processes.

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