Wooden Julienne Shredder - Large
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Wooden Julienne Shredder - Large

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Product Description

The wooden julienne shredder is a great tool for passionate cooks. This slicer has a long slicing surface and very sharp blades for precise and easy shredding. Ideal for using with daikon, carrots, and burdock root that need slicing into small matchsticks sizes for drying daikon, salads, rice paper rolls, stir-frys, etc.

The stainless steel cutting blades are 6mm in width, which is the perfect size for making Japanese kiriboshi daikon (handmade dried shredded daikon). We recommend pairing this shredder with the bamboo colander - large to have everything you need to make dried shredded daikon at home!


Measurements: 45x 11x H 2.4cm

Material: Natural wood.

Made in Japan.