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Mujo by Elizabeth Leslie

Mujo by Elizabeth Leslie

Wall Hanging - Linen and Wool Shapes

Wall Hanging - Linen and Wool Shapes

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Product Description

The One-Off & Limited Pieces collection celebrates creativity, spontaneity, and individuality, and upholds values of sustainability and minimal waste. Smaller quantities of materials (such as leftover yarns) are used to bring these special pieces to life.

A one-off handwoven wall hanging, entirely handwoven from linen, naturally dyed wool, and undyed wool.

Features sheer openings and an extended fringe.

The weaving has an opening across the top bar, allowing a dowel to be inserted for easy hanging (also included).

Approximately - 32cm wide x 70 cm tall (including fringe).



Warp: Linen

Weft: Linen/naturally dyed wool/undyed wool

Handwoven and hand finished in Australia.

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