Tea & Teaware Gift Set
Tea & Teaware Gift Set
Tea & Teaware Gift Set
Tea & Teaware Gift Set
Tea & Teaware Gift Set
Tea & Teaware Gift Set
Tea & Teaware Gift Set
Tea & Teaware Gift Set
Mujo by Elizabeth Leslie

Tea & Teaware Gift Set

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Product Description

A gift set for tea lovers. Everything you need to brew the perfect cup of tea, with beautiful handcrafted tea-wares.

The Japanese tea cup is handcrafted in Shiga Prefecture Japan, and is the perfect size to savour each sip. The organic fluid like interior glaze resembles the cosmos, and the exterior has small textured marks – like scattered stars amid the night sky.

The stoneware tea strainer is hand-built in Perth using traditional and 

ancient techniques, that have been used for many of thousands of years. 

This approach to making pottery allows it to be created without pottery wheels, using only the makers hands and simple tools. 

I gravitate towards this way of making as it shows evidence of the human hand – the human being behind the work.

These green tea leaves picked in late spring have been blended with roasted brown rice to create a tea with a nutty, autumnal flavour and a sweet finish.

About the tea farm - Bohyang Tea Company is a family-run tea company which has been producing teas for five generations. Best known for their premium grade green tea, the farm grows all their teas organically. Their farm is located in Boseong, South Korea, the largest tea-producing county in the country. be-oom's selection from the tea farm includes sparrow green teas, malcha, and black tea. 


Each gift set includes:

- x1 be-oom Green & Roasted Rice Tea (50g tin)

- x1 Japanese Tea Cup - Uchū

- x1 Stoneware Tea Strainer - Small



Stoneware Tea Strainer - Small:

Handbuilt in Perth, Australia.

Slip brushed stoneware clay.

Measurements: approximately 4.6cm T x 11.5cm W (including handles)


Japanese Tea Cup - Uchu:

Made in Japan.

Unglazed exterior, glazed interior.

Measurements: approximately 9cm x 9cm x 5.5cm


Green & Roasted Rice Tea:

50g tin.

Organically grown tea from Boseong, South Korea.

Brewing instructions:

2.5g of tea
200ml water at 100 degrees
1.5-2 mins
up to 3 infusions