Shigaraki Deep Footed Vessel
Shigaraki Deep Footed Vessel

Shigaraki Deep Footed Vessel

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Shigaraki is located in Koka City, Shiga Prefecture, and is recognised as playing a significant part in the long history of Japanese ceramics. It is included as one of Japan's six old kilns – being said to have a history of 1260 years. In 1976 Shigaraki-yaki (Shigaraki ware) was designated as a traditional craft in Japan.

Hechimon is a collection of Japanese ceramics by a third-generation Shigaraki-yaki maker, Marui Seito.

This petite footed vessel shows evidence of the human hand. It can be used for storing small objects, as a small planter, or as a bowl for holding the censer incense ash (when burning incense).



Measurements: approximately 8cm x 7cm x 6.5cm

Unglazed ceramic.

Made in Japan.