Pine & Oatmeal Soap Set

Pine & Oatmeal Soap Set

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Product Description

Hetkinen believes that living in harmony with nature holds upmost importance in our lives. Their deep love for the forest and its trees is the biggest inspiration for the development of their products. Their philosophy is to bring nature closer to people – in their day to day life.

A natural, organic, sensitive, moisturising round hand soap for daily use. It contains Finnish organic oatmeal, oatmilk, and fragrant essential oils from pine. Pine oil is naturally antiseptic and keeps the skin clear for a long time.

Finnish organic oat flakes and oat milk gently cleanse the skin of the face, hand, and whole body. Oat balances the skin's own pH balance, and the essential oil of pine gives the soap a grainy and woody natural scent. This soap is mild but still an effective soap for daily use.

Coconut butter, olive oil, and Finnish sunflower oil make this soap even gentler and more effective at moisturising. In addition to hands, this soap can be used on the whole body. It is also fully biodegradable, and does not include any synthetic fragrances or chemicals which could cause side effects for people with sensitive skin, or to the natural environment.



Soap: 200g / Soap Dish: 10cm / Packaging: 

10.2 X 10.2cm

Country of origin: Finland.

Material: Pine wood

Ingredients: sodium cocoate, sodium olivate, sodium rapeseed oil, sucrose, avena sativa kernel meal, avena sativa kernel oil, styrax benzoin gum, pinus sylvestris oil, limonene

Directions of use:

Wet the skin with water, rub the ball soap onto your hands and rub onto skin. Rinse the skin with ample amounts of water.


preservative, alcohol, synthetics, colour, or plastic.