Natural Indigo Scarf
Natural Indigo Scarf
Natural Indigo Scarf
Mujo by Elizabeth Leslie

Natural Indigo Scarf

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Product Description

Made to order - please allow 2-3 weeks for the hand-weaving and finishing processes.

The process begun with female artisans in northern Thailand, collecting and hand spinning cotton into yarns, which are then hand dyed in a natural indigo vat before making their way to Australia. The final process is the warping of these special yarns onto the loom, and weaving of the cloth thread by thread.

Features hem stitched ends and extended fringes.

Fabric will continue to soften after a few washes. As the yarns are dyed with natural indigo, the colour may bleed when washing, and rub onto lighter colours. We recommend wearing naturally dyed indigo with similar dark colours to avoid this.

Cold hand wash.


Warp: Indigo dyed cotton

Weft: Indigo dyed cotton

Measurements: 40cm W x 172cm L (including 8cm fringes)