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Large Tohaku Candle Gift Set

Large Tohaku Candle Gift Set

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I've put together a small range of exclusive gift sets. This gift set brings together everything you need to take part in the home ritual of burning candles. Save while you spoil someone special, or yourself. 

Takazawa Candle was established in 1892, being one of the oldest candle makers in Japan. They produce traditional handmade candles derived from plant-based raw materials, using techniques that haven't changed since the 16th century.

These candles have a tall intense flame, burning brighter than most modern paraffin candles – due to the wicks composition of dried reed wrapped around a washi paper cylinder. They also let off less soot and smoke, due to their plant-based materials.

Tohaku candles are handmade from Japanese wax (Haze), which is cultivated from the fruit of trees grown in Chikugo, Fukuoka Prefecture. Due to each piece being made from natural Haze wax, candles come in an array of soft colours, such as, off white, muted grey and muted ochre.

These petite coasters are the perfect size to be used as a base for your special candles, etc. The fabric colour is achieved by the yarns being naturally dyed with Japanese persimmon (kakishibu-zome) and Japanese indigo (aizome). These dye processes are traditional Japanese dyeing techniques. The result is a beautiful and sophisticated hue.

A naturally occurring crinkle is present within these coasters due to high twist yarns. No ironing needed.


Each gift set includes:

- x1 Large Tohaku Candle pack (set of 1), x1 Koma Candle Stand - Large, x1 pack of Indigo Small Coasters (set of two), and x1 Duck Candle Snuffer.

A total value of $223, save $18.

Tohaku Candle (Large):

Measurements: 2.4cm x 14cm

Burn time: 240 min

Set of 1.

Made in Japan.

Koma Candle Stand - Large:

Material: cast iron.

Measurements: 5.5cm x 5.5xm x 5.3cm

Made in Japan.

Small Coasters:

Care instructions: a separate cool hand wash.

Measures approximately 7cm x 7cm.

Set of 2 coasters.

Raw frayed edges.

100% naturally dyed cotton from Japan.

Stitched and finished in Australia.

Duck Candle Snuffer:

Material: Brass

Measurements: 10.5cm x 2.5cm x 1.2cm

Made in Japan.

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