Jewellery Gift Set
Jewellery Gift Set
Jewellery Gift Set
Jewellery Gift Set
Mujo by Elizabeth Leslie

Jewellery Gift Set

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Product description

I've put together a small range of exclusive gift sets. This matching jewellery gift set brings together two of my favourite pieces. Save while you spoil someone special, or yourself.

The Single Drop Necklace is individually hand-woven and hand finished, and features a hand formed and fired stoneware pottery drop, and a strap hand-woven in Perth, Australia. An adjustable tie strap allows the necklace to be worn against the neck.

Each necklace takes between 4-5 hours to produce by hand, including the pottery forming, hand weaving of the strap and final construction processes. 

The Stoneware Drop Earrings are light-weight and versatile, perfect to wear casually or when you're wanting to feel a little more special. Each pair is individually handcrafted and hand finished, with a focus upon slow traditional processes - making hand-built stoneware ceramics and then hand forming silver wires through bending and hammering stages.



Handmade in Australia.

This set includes:

- x1 Single Drop Necklace (Linen)

- x1 pair Stoneware Drop Earrings (Drops)

- x1 Linen pouch (to safely store the necklace)

- x1 Washable paper bag (to safely store the earrings)



Warp: Linen coloured silk

Weft: Ecru cotton

strap - 74cm long  /  pottery drop - 2cm long x 1.2cm wide



Handcrafted from 100% stirling silver wires.