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Hinoki Wooden Cutting Board

Hinoki Wooden Cutting Board

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Product Description

A versatile wooden board made from natural hinoki wood from the Kiso region of Japan.

Each cutting board is individually made in Japan by craftsmen who have inherited traditional wood manufacturing processes.

Hinoki wood is suitable to be used with delicate Japanese knives as the wood has moderate elasticity – receiving the knife edge softly and protecting the blade. Alternatively it can be used as a cheese board.

Available in sizes:

- Small



Made in Japan.

Measurements -

Small: 36 x 21 x H2.8cm / 800grams

Care: Avoid using it in such a way that will damage the product. Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight or air conditioning, as sledding and cracks may occur over time. Store and use in places out of direct sunlight or air conditioners.
Dishwashers and dish dryers cannot be used as they may cause cracks and warpage.

Please note the wood grain and colour will differ from piece to piece as each board is handmade.

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