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Hinoki Surikogi Pestle

Hinoki Surikogi Pestle

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Product Description

This wooden Surikogi (Japanese Wooden Pestle) is to be paired with a Suribachi (Japanese Mortar or Grinding Bowl). It is often regarded as an essential to any Japanese kitchen. The Japanese mortar and pestle allows for a greater degree of control when bruising, crushing, grinding or pounding ingredients.

Handcrafted in Japan from Kiso Hinoki wood, which is renowned for its strength and subtle fragrance. A linen rope tie makes for easy hanging and storage.



Each Surikogi pestle is unique, and will differ slightly.

We recommend pairing with a Japanese Suribachi Mortar.


Medium: approximately 3 x 18.5cm

Large: approximately 3.4 x 24.5cm

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