Harimi Dustpan - Large
Harimi Dustpan - Large
Harimi Dustpan - Large

Harimi Dustpan - Large

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Product Description

Dustpan designed by Masanori Oji. Made of Japanese cardboard coated with persimmon tannin (kakishibu). Very thin and light, yet durable, due it it's bamboo frame. 

Handcrafted following ancient traditions of natural dyeing with persimmon tannin.
The tannin coating ensures the dustpan doesn't build static charge –  helping dust be swept in and out with ease. The persimmon coating provides some water resistance.

We recommend pairing with the Japanese grass broom (small) or (medium) sold separately. 



Measurements: 31cm w x 28cm d x 10cm h
Materials: cardboard, bamboo, persimmon tannin, and twine.