Hangiri Lidded Sushi Bowl
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Hangiri Lidded Sushi Bowl

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Product Description

A lidded sushi rice bowl which has been handcrafted in Japan using Sawara Cypress wood following traditional techniques. Sawara cypress is highly resistant to water making it ideal to use in moist environments and perfect for kitchen use. This type of wooden bowl is traditionally used to absorb excess moisture from cooked rice, and help it cool quickly. It can also be used for serving chirashi sushi.



Made in Japan.

Materials: Sawara Cypress wood, Copper

Measurements: 16 x 10cm / holds approximately 1 cup of cooked rice.

Care: Fill with water after use and use a soft brush to remove excess rice. Do not soak for prolonged periods. Dry after washing with a soft tea towel. Store in a dry area out of direct sunlight.