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Gozan Koh Incense Gift Set

Gozan Koh Incense Gift Set

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Product description

I've put together a small range of exclusive gift sets. This gift set brings together everything you need to engage in the ritual of incense. Save while you spoil someone special, or yourself. 

Gozan Koh (Five Mountains) is a granulated incense by Nippon Kodo containing raw ingredients of sandalwood, aloeswood, star anise, etc. Use by sprinking a pinch or two of the chipped mixture onto burnt charcoal, inside a vessel of ash. 

To burn raw incense simply fill the vessel with ash. Next ignite the charcoal until glowing, and place on the ash and push it down. Cover the charcoal with ash and form a cone shape with the ash above. Make an air channel by pushing into the ash down to the charcoal. Place the mica plate on top of the ash cone. Finally sprinkle a small amount of loose incense onto the mica plate.

The Shigaraki Vessel has been handcrafted in Japan. A thin metallic glaze allows the texture of the clay to be visible.

All items in this gift set come packaged together in a simple kraft brown box.


This set includes:

- x1 Handcrafted Japanese ceramic vessel

- x1 pack of Gozan Koh granulated incense (30grams)

- x1 Pack of censer incense ash

- x1 pack of Tandon charcoal (12 pieces)

-x1 pack mica plates (6 pieces)

Gozan Koh Granulated Incense:

Made in Japan.

30 grams.

Key notes: Sandalwood | Aloeswood | Star anise

Measurements: 9.6 x 7.5 x 2.3cm.

Censer Ash:

Made in Japan.

Approximately 40 grams.

Shigaraki Vessel:

Made in Japan.

Measurements: approximately 9cm x 9cm x 6cm


Tandon Charcoal:

Made in Japan.

12 pieces.

Burn time: approximately 90 minutes per charcoal.

Box measurements: 6.8 x 9 x 2.6cm.


Mica Plates: 

Made in Japan.

6 pieces.

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