Antique Japanese Textile - Kaya Patched
Antique Japanese Textile - Kaya Patched
Antique Japanese Textile - Kaya Patched
Mujo by Elizabeth Leslie

Antique Japanese Textile - Kaya Patched

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Product Description

Noren are Japanese curtains or doorway covers, coming in longer or shorter lengths. Either covering the full width of a doorway or floating in the middle – acting as a still divide and providing psychological transition between spaces.

Kaya fabric was traditionally used in Japan from the middle of the 1700s as mosquito netting. It's usually produced in naturally dyed indigo, over-dyed indigo, brown and natural undyed. All naturally dyed hemp fabric colours will fade overtime, shifting into beautiful muted tones.

Japan's mended and patched textiles are referred to as boro, which translates as rags or scraps of cloth. Boro textiles are usually sewn from nineteenth and early twentieth century rags and patches of indigo dyed cotton. The diversity of boro textiles is due to the diversity of hand loomed cotton textiles that are then patched by hand with sashiko thread. The composition of different patches and mending sections is not planned and therefor holds a beautiful authenticity.

Please note this textile is a length of fabric, and has been pinned around a rod for photographing. If you need an opening stitched across the top for hanging, please let me know before purchasing and I can do this for a small additional cost.



Fibre: hemp/cotton

Colour: handwoven natural indigo/handwoven green hemp, indigo kasuri, green cotton/indigo checks

A combination of blue and green patches, naturally dyed in Japanese Indigo, as well as indigo over-dyed in yellow dye to achieve a muted forest green.

Approximately 64 W x 230cm L

Japanese hand spun and handwoven hemp fabric from the early 1900s.

Medium loose weave (transparent).

Edges are left frayed and un-hemmed in their original condition.