Antique Japanese Textile - Boro II
Antique Japanese Textile - Boro II
Antique Japanese Textile - Boro II
Antique Japanese Textile - Boro II
Antique Japanese Textile - Boro II
Mujo by Elizabeth Leslie

Antique Japanese Textile - Boro II

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Product Description

This antique Japanese boro textile has been hand sourced in Kyoto, Japan.

Boro textiles are usually sewn from nineteenth and early twentieth century rags and patches of indigo dyed cotton. The diversity of boro textiles is due to the variety of hand-loomed cotton textiles which are patched by hand with sashiko thread. The composition of different patches and mended sections is not planned and therefore holds a beauty and authenticity.

Cotton seeds were introduced into every day Japanese life since the middle of the Edo period. Until then cotton was not grown in Japan, but it was an expensive import that only higher socioeconomic groups could afford.

Some of the pieces in this boro textile are traditional kasuri patches. Kasuri is a type of traditional Japanese folk textiles. They have been produced since the mid 18th century (also known as ikat). In order to create patterns yarn threads are meticulously tied to resist areas before being dyed in natural indigo.

Please note this textile has various worn areas - adding to its beauty. It is one length of fabric - allowing it to be used in multiple creative projects, or made into a wall hanging.


Antique Japanese patched handwoven cotton fabrics, dated between 1900-1940s.

Fibre: cotton / naturally dyed with indigo.

Care instructions: cool hand wash with neutral soap.

Measurements: approximately  43cm W x 68cm L.