Mortar and Pestle Gift Set
Mortar and Pestle Gift Set
Mortar and Pestle Gift Set
Mortar and Pestle Gift Set
Mortar and Pestle Gift Set
Mortar and Pestle Gift Set
Mortar and Pestle Gift Set
Mortar and Pestle Gift Set
Mujo by Elizabeth Leslie

Mortar and Pestle Gift Set

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Product description

I've put together a small range of exclusive gift sets. This gift set brings together Japanese kitchen essentials – the mortar and pestle. Save while you spoil someone special, or yourself.

The Japanese mortar and pestle allows for a greater degree of control when bruising, crushing, grinding or pounding ingredients.

This ceramic iwami ware mortar is handcrafted in the western part of Shimane Prefecture, Japan. A local soil glazed exterior is mixed and applied, made from a combination of crushed stones and water. The unglazed interior has been hand combed to create a variety of textured patterns to help effectively grind ingredients.

Iwami ware is baked at high temperatures of over 1300 degrees, and results in a strong ceramic which is suitable for breaking and grinding sharp and hard ingredients. 

The sansho pestle is handcrafted in Kagoshima, Japan from sansho (Japanese prickly ash) found in the foothills of Kirishima. This is the wood traditionally used to make Japanese pestles, and it's said it adds a delicate flavour to food. The prickly ash is harvested each fall, the branches are made into pestles, with some of the bark left in place. 

The Handwoven Wool Mat is a multi purpose mat, which is well suited to be used with the mortar and pestle - holding it in place during use. It features plain weave linen trims and a hand plaited linen loop for hanging.

The bamboo scraper is handcrafted by local artisans in a small village in Kagoshima, Japan using locally-grown Japanese timber bamboo (madake). The fine tooth bamboo scraper is traditionally in mortars, to help scrape off ground ingredients like ginger, sesame seeds and citrus rind.



This set includes:

- x1 Iwami Mortar and Sansho Pestle Set (choose between small and medium)

- x1 Handwoven Wool Mat - Natural (please contact me if you'd like to change the colour to brown)

- x1 Bamboo Scraper


Iwami Mortar and Sansho Pestle (Medium):

Iwami Mortar: 18cm x 9cm

Sansho Pestle: approximately 23cm 


Iwami Mortar and Sansho Pestle (Small):


Iwami Mortar: 13.5cm x 13.5cm x 6cm

Sansho Pestle: approximately 17cm 


Handwoven Wool Mat:

Care instructions: Gentle hand wash at 30ºC with neutral soap.

Measures approximately: Approximately 20cm x 20cm.

Handwoven and handcrafted in Australia.


Bamboo Scraper:

Measurements: 2.5cm x 13cm

Take care to store bamboo in environments not overly moist or dry.