Handwoven Persimmon Teapot Mat
Handwoven Persimmon Teapot Mat
Mujo by Elizabeth Leslie

Handwoven Persimmon Teapot Mat

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Product Description

The cotton yarns have been hand dyed in natural persimmon by artisans in China following ancient textile traditions. The yarns are left in the sun in order to develop the natural colour. Next they are carefully warped onto the loom creating a variated and subtle striped pattern.

A multi purpose cotton mat, which is ideal to be used as a tea pot mat. It has been stitched with small frayed edges and two layers of handwoven fabric.

We recommend pairing with Azmaya's round or oval teapots, sold separately.



Measurements: approximately 15 x 15cm

Fabric: 100% persimmon dyed cotton

Warp: Persimmon dyed cotton

Weft: Persimmon dyed cotton

Fabric handwoven in China, stitched in Australia.

Care instructions: Gentle hand wash at 30ºC with neutral soap.