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Mujo by Elizabeth Leslie

Mujo by Elizabeth Leslie

Handwoven Indigo Check Scarf

Handwoven Indigo Check Scarf

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Product Description

Made to order - please allow 1-3 weeks for the weaving and finishing processes.

This handwoven scarf has textured and tweedy feel, perfect for cool winter nights and breezy autumn days.

Yarns have been hand-spun and naturally dyed with indigo by artisans in Mexico and Northern Thailand. After making their way to Australia I warp them onto the loom, alternating coloured threads (helping create the checkered pattern). Next, the fabric is handwoven thread by thread over many hours. Then, it's cut off the loom and soaked in warm water to bring the weave to life. 

Each scarf is warped onto the loom exactly to pattern, ensuring no wastage and no cutting. Both ends are hem-stitched to fix the threads in place.



Handwoven and handcrafted in Australia.

Warp: Hand-spun indigo cotton, brown Japanese silk.

Weft: Hand-spun indigo wool.

Hem stitched ends and exposed fringes.

Measures approximately - 42cm W x 190cm L (including fringes).

Care Instructions: Cool hand wash with neutral soap, and drip dry.

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